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The four points of the compass transposed in England into surnames.  Of these, East was the third most popular.  East and Este were early name variations.  Este is also the name of a long-established European dynastic family from Italy.

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England.  The first East surname, like the first West surname, was recorded in the county of Essex.  And Easts, just like Wests, were fairly numerous in Lincolnshire.  William Este was a master mason from Abingdon, Oxfordshire around the year 1500 and the East name was conspicuous in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, as well as in London.

Thomas East was a prominent music publisher in London during Elizabethan times, the subject of Jeremy Smith's book Thomas East and Music Publishing in Renaissance England; and his nephew Michael a well-known organist and composer of his day.  William East, a London lawyer, built Hall Place near Maidenhead in 1735 which the family held for the next hundred years.

America.  Thomas East was living in Henrico county, Virginia in the 1670ís and possibly earlier.  His descendants were to be found by the 1740ís in Pittsylvania county in southern Virginia and they later spread throughout the South.  There were many James among these Easts, including James East, one of the early settlers in Illinois 

Caribbean.  Captain John East was active in the conquest of Jamaica in the 1660's and obtained an estate there.  A descendant Edward Hyde East, born in Jamaica, served as a judge in India in the early 1800's and was created a baronet.

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Thomas East
was a prominent music publisher in London during Elizabethan times.
Sir Alfred East was a popular English painter of his day.  He died in 1913.

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  • 10,000 in the UK (most numerous in Dorset)
  • 4,000 in America (most numerous in Texas) 
  • 5,000 elsewhere (most numerous in Canada)

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